"She is a tigress virtuosa,
as well as a bel canto pianist."

Tchaikovsky’s first piano concerto served as the vehicle
for a simply stunning performance given by Ilana Vered
last night …. Not since Horowitz have I witnessed that
combination of iceberg and volcano, that relentless
singlemindedness in applying a high pressure jet at all
points of the pianistic and interpretive spectrum.

Peter Stadlen: London Daily Telegraph

"Vered has fingers that work like power -operated
pistons. She can play breathlessly fast, with breathless
power and sweep, and she can instantaneously melt into
Rachmaninoff’s most somber reflections or sing the
famous 18th variation with affecting directness. She is a
tigress virtuosa, as well as a bel canto pianist."

                              Los Angeles Times

"Ilana Vered will play Rachmaninoff’s “Paganini”
variations .... with Michael Tilson Thomas and the Los
Angeles Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall....The Rhapsody,
one must repeat, belongs to Vered; it is her piece; she
plays it louder, softer, faster, better and more
convincingly than others.”

                             Los Angeles Times

“The climax of the evening came in an exhilarating,
superbly paced performance of Gershwin's Rhapsody in
Blue by Ilana Vered. Her precise but poetic playing not
only reminded one of this score's enduring value but, no
less importantly, how seriously the reputation of a
masterly work can suffer from decades of technically
slack, expressively shallow run-throughs.”

The New York Times

Tender Loving Care Makes for Fine Music

"In this, her S. F. Symphony debut, the brilliant Israeli
pianist shows in every way what a complete artist she is.
Vered’s pianism and music-making are all of one piece,
reflecting care and a rare love for the sound of the
instrument….Vered’s tone is soft and lustrous, her
technique smooth and liquid."

                            San Francisco Chronicle

"Ms. Vered has natural buoyancy, pianistic dash,
elegance, aristocracy and driving strength....Her hands
leaped about the keyboard with a precision and energy
that is unusual even in this age of common virtuosity"

                             The New York Times

"She displays that rarest of traits in pianists of her
generation, a genuine and individual temperament....
a very special pianist indeed."

Los Angeles Times
Ilana Vered
With Alexander Toradze
Debut with Leopold Stokowsky