8 Tips For Preparing Great Steaks

Nothing tastes better than a freshly cooked or grilled steak. You can taste the difference when a steak is properly cooked or not. If you want to learn how to cook a good tasting steak, you had better follow these tips on how to do so. You will cook up a better tasting steak if you follow these tips. Whoever, you are cooking the steak for will appreciate all of the efforts that you have put into cooking the steak, and they will be able to taste the difference too when you follow these

Preparation is important

Before you start cooking a steak, you have to let it warm up first. So when you take a steak out of your freezer, try to let it settle to room temperature first before you start cooking it. By doing this, you can allow the heat from the stove or grill to more evenly penetrate the whole

Heat up the pan before putting the steak on it.

You should make sure that the pan or the grill that you are going to use is properly heated up first before you place the steak on it. You will want the pan to be super hot to ensure that the steak is properly cooked when you do place it on the pan or grill.

Use pepper and salt

Salt can do wonders for the tenderness of your steak. You should be using salt to season your steak and when you are cooking it too. Salt can help the meat retain moisture, which will lead to a juicier steak.

And when you are going to use pepper to season your steak, you should try to crush your pepper, instead of buying pre-crushed black pepper. This is because bigger pieces of pepper will result in a better tasting


Medium is the best

You should try to cook your steak to a medium or medium-rare state. Try not to overcook it. If you overcook your steak, it will end up as a tough piece of meat that will not be pleasurable to

Flip your steak every few minutes

To avoid overcooking your steak, and to ensure that it is evenly cooked, you have to flip it often. Try to estimate a minute each for each side that you flip it on, until the steak is fully cooked and

Use real charcoal when grilling

Real charcoal lumps will burn hotter and produce more flame when you use it. So if you want to achieve a better-grilled steak, you have to make sure that you are using real charcoal lumps when you are grilling a

After cooking let the steak settle

You should try to let your steak settle after you finish it. You usually have to wait at least ten minutes or so after you cook it. This will allow the steak’s fibers and juices to achieve a softer and balanced

Use olive oil or butter on the steak

You can get a juicier steak if you spread some butter or olive oil after you have finished cooking it.
By following these cooking tips, you should be able to cook up a perfect tasting steak. You do not want to waste a prime piece of meat, such as a rib-eye. So you had better cook it right. And one of the ways that you can cook a steak properly is by following these tips when you are grilling one. So be sure to keep in mind this advice when you are making a steak meal.

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