Tips for Picking a Garbage Disposal for Your Kitchen

A reliable garbage disposal unit helps you keep your kitchen tidy and free from bad odors. Oftentimes, a homeowner will not realize how much they need a good disposer until the one they currently have clogs or breaks in other ways. Although all garbage disposals need maintenance and good care to keep them in peak performance, finding just the right one for your kitchen goes a long way in ensuring a clean and comfortable working space.

If you didn’t realize, a disposer primary job is to grind waste food into fine sludge so that it will not clog your pipes. Just like any other kitchen appliance, there are several brands, sizes, and a pack of features from which to choose.  My top pick is the InSinkErator Evolution Compact.  Here are a few tips that are intended at helping you pick a perfect fit for your kitchen.

Choose between continuous feed and batch feed disposals

There are two types of garbage disposals. The continuous feed type runs continuously after it’s powered on unlike its counterpart which grinds waste in batches. Both have their pros and cons; your choice depends on how you prefer working.

A continuous feed disposer is ideal for people who will be grinding a lot of waste. Unlike a batch feed, its chamber should not necessarily be full for the grinding to start. In other words, you can continuously throw in waste for grinding as you carry on with other tasks. You should however note that these models do not come with a cover; to avoid accidents avoid throwing spoons and similar items into the disposer.

The highlight of a batch feed disposer is its stopper or cover that bars spoons and other hazards from falling in. It’s safe but not ideal for households that grind lots of waste. If you go with this choice, grind every time you put something in the chamber. Leaving it there for long periods of time puts you at risk of bacterial infections.

Grind stages

A garbage disposal unit comes with one, two, or three grind stages. What you pick depends on how fine you want your waste to be after grinding. Most models in the market today come with one grind stage. They are obviously cheap but if the primary reason why you want a new unit is because you are sick of clogs, investing in a garbage disposal which has two or three grind stages will save you some pain.

Does it make a lot of noise?

Everything that grinds has moving parts and consequently, it has to make noise. If rattling irritates you, be careful while choosing a garbage disposal. Manufacturers have made a lot of innovations to deal with noise and although a disposer cannot be muted, there are models that are honorably termed as bearable. Remarkable innovations that are geared towards noise reduction include insulation of moving parts, sink mounts and the anti-vibration tail pipe technology.

Grinding capacity

Grinding capacity is a measure of how much waste a disposal can grind in a go. What you pick will primarily depend on how much waste you grind. If what you currently have has been taking a lot of time go for something bigger.


Just like an engine, a disposer’s horsepower is a measure of how powerful its mortar is. You will find options beginning from 0.1 to 1 horsepower. Just like with grinding capacity, your pick’s horsepower depends on the applications you have at hand. Choose a big mortar if you have a lot of waste to grind.


It’s natural for people to base purchase decisions on an items price. While it’s understood that you have to keep within the confines of your budget, there would be no point of buying a disposer that’s going to inconvenience you. Check to see that a unit has all the features you need before making your purchase. Note that it is always good to compare the prices of several models before settling.


Brand matters. You need to be assured that the disposer you just purchased is durable and is going to be reliable in whatever you plan to do with it. Go for a brand that has already built a good reputation and as they say, stood the test of time. A few authorities you can look up to in the garbage disposal niche include Waste King, InSinkErator and General Electric.

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