About Illana Vared

The name Ilana Vered is synonymous with vibrant piano virtuosity since the earliest days of this compelling artist’s career. “Shattering,” “magnificent,” “dazzling,” “splendid” are words critics have used the world over to describe Ilana Vered on the concert stage.

Renowned for the white-hot intensity of her performances, Ms. Vered now comes before her public as a musician whose art has achieved a rare balance between passion and intellect, temperament and reflection.

Ms. Vered, who has repeatedly demonstrated sovereign musical and technical command over some forty-five concertos–from Bach to Berg–has already recorded for the London label highly lauded versions of the concertos of Mozart, Chopin, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, and Rachmaninov.

She has committed to disc the complete set of Beethoven’s five piano concertos with the Warsaw Philharmonic under the baton of Kazimierz Kord, released in late 1993 by the ProArte label, represent the culmination of Ms. Vered’s long association with the Beethoven concertos–works she has always regarded as the cornerstone of the concerto repertoire.

“I have lived with these great concertos for many years, and it was a thrill for me finally to record them,” Ms. Vered asserts.

“I am always struck by the way the wonderful slow movements of these works proceed out of a kind of all-knowing inner necessity–like a reflective soul caught between the magnificent ‘rubble’ of the outer movements, in which Beethoven seems to topple huge blocks of sound in a defiant affirmation of joy and humanity.”